COVID in-store safety

In response to the COVID pandemic we've put in place a few in-store measures to keep our customers, staff and the wider community safe. When visiting our store we respectfully ask that our customers:

  • Keep a minimum 1.5 metres distance from staff and other visitors
  • Follow the yellow markings on the floor to help maintain a safe distance near the registers
  • Wear a face mask which covers the mouth and nose
  • Reduce browsing time and avoid handling products, our friendly staff are here to help you find the products you're looking for

Please do not enter the store if:
  1. You are experiencing any symptoms, however mild. 
  2. If you have recently taken a COVID test and are waiting results
  3. If you have received a positive COVID test result 
  4. If you are currently under quarantine
  5. If you are passing through on your way to a testing centre to be tested.

If you are unable to enter the store due to any of the above reasons, we are currently offering a postal delivery and a free* delivery service within Melbourne CBD.

We're here to help our community in this difficult time. Together these smalls actions can help reduce the transmission of COVID within the community.

Stay Safe!